A look back into our brief history

Kickstarter 2019. The Crown.

In 2019, our story begins. Thanks to the support on Kickstarter, we could launch not just one, but three different jockstrap models at the same time. The Deer, The Wolf & The Behemoth. During that year, we worked hard to build the strong pillars for the brand learning from the feedback of our passionate customers and with our minds set on the next step, the boxer versions of The Crown.

Kickstarter 2020. Comfy Underwear.

Just one year later, we launched three new models! The Deer Trunk, The Wolf & The Behemoth Boxer Brief. However, and exceeding our expectations, there was tremendous excitement for a new beast to join the cast of Rogue Fang: Arkyn, The Dragon.

2021. Let’s Gooo!

After our last launch, we worked hard to add new merch to our catalogue, improve our services and, taking our products to a new level, move our production to Europe, adding certificates of quality!

2022. Hard work

We began this year by giving Arkyn what he deserved, his own sports undies. This summer the heat won’t be a problem! But there is still more to come…


What lies ahead for us from now on?

When we started in 2019, we didn’t know exactly where this adventure was going to take us. Now that we are in 2022, we want to take Rogue Fang to the next level. And, not to sound cliché, but your support has helped us tremendously. We are what we are thanks to you.

We believe that this year, and those to come, will revolutionize who we are and we want you to be part of it.

The Rogue Fang Team