We are Rogue Fang

We are dedicated to making a unique range of premium clothing. Our designs are inspired by fantasy beasts and anthropomorphized animals. We Belong to the Furry Fandom but we create for everyone; we’ve taken the most iconic and defining characteristics of each creature or animal to create this wide variety of appealing designs, and we are confident that you’ll find one that suits you best.

We specifically designed our clothes to celebrate the LGBTQ+ furry lifestyle. Our underwear comes in different colors and flavors to suit your personal taste, and no matter what your preference is, they will all allow you to do one thing: Let your inner animal shine. Wear us with pride!

Our design process starts from scratch, not only choosing different colors and logos but also creating patterns for each model. We infuse the features of each species into patterns, colors, fabric, and shapes, which gives a unique design that will make you feel like the beast of your choice.

The Furry Fandom has inspired us to create, as it is a community full of diversity that is based on creativity and self-expression. Rogue Fang channels these features of the Furry Fandom offering clothes that will suit you best. We are here to share good vibes through a colorful, fun, and daring language in which everyone is welcome to join. Because this is just the beginning!

Rogue Fang was made possible with the support of 591 backers on Kickstarter, raising a total of 47,649€ to help bring this project to life.