Hello everyone, in 2016 citizens of the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to decide the permanence in the European Union. Membership of the European Union implies much more than freedom of movement but also having trade agreements that benefit free trade and facilitate the creation and development of new businesses in a common space.
On March 31, 2021, the United Kingdom has implemented the new trade policies, these policies establish a series of requirements that all European businesses, large or small, must adopt to export goods into the UK. One of the most demanding requirements is to registering in the British HMRC to get an UK VAT number.

What happens now?

The UK has adopted trading policies that require all EU merchants to get a British VAT number to ship goods with a value less than or equal to 135 GBP. This procedure is not only cumbersome, but it forces any company that sends goods for these amounts to gain legal obligations in the United Kingdom.
The result of this decision will affect our business as we will no longer be charging VAT and this will be done by UK Customs. Customs will clear any order from the EU as they would any other import, but the customer will be responsible for paying customs duties, 20% VAT etc.

Is there another solution?

We are working on offering an alternative and cheaper solution for shipments to the UK. Follow us on social networks, Telegram channel or our newsletter to be the first to find out once we have a solution.

Does it affect me?

Only if you are a UK resident.

Any doubts?

We are happy to help you, please email [email protected] so that we can solve questions.

Last edit: 29-03-2023