February update!

Hello everyone, this is The Rogue Fang team! Last week we started to focus all our work on the orders from Rogue Fang Store and we are happy to announce that 45% of all the orders are on their route already ^^

As for the orders left to do, we are currently packing orders made on the 10 of January, catching up! We hope to deliver the rest in 2 weeks!

Parcels ready to be taken!

NEW! Create your account and check your order as a guest!

We have been very busy as well adding new features to our shop, for example, now you can create an account without having to purchase any of our products! You can also check the status of your order here if you have ordered anything from our shop with a guest account. All you have to enter is your order ID and email.

NEW! More currencies

We have added new currency of your convenience, including:

GBP – British Pounds

USD – United States dollar

CAD – Canadian dollar

AUD – Australian dollar

CHF – Swiss franc

JPY – Yen

NOK – Norwegian Krone

SEK – Swedish Krona

DKK – Danish Crown

How does it work? You’ll be asked in which currency you want to pay once you are in our card platform (Redsys), you can pay in your local currency if it is in the list above or in Euros.

We have these operating so far but we can add new ones if there’s such demand 💴💵💶💷

About Customs

We have got reports from customers that got enquired to pay to receive their products at Customs. Unfortunately, it is each country the one that decides which products get stopped and rated at customs by their criteria. You’re free to return the product if you need to, we will give you a full refund once we receive the product back in our warehouse 🙂


We have got several reports that address the issue of the front logo of The Behemoth wearing out fast. We were unaware of this issue and we are currently gathering information to file a complaint to our supplier since this we offer high-quality products, and this is not the quality we are expecting from them.

New Suppliers and new units of The Wolf

This leads to our next topic, we are looking for another supplier that helps us with the second batch of jockstraps and an upcoming new model! The new supplier will also shorten the time we need to wait until we receive any new parcel. We will bring more information as soon as we have it!

Thanks for your attention!

-RF Team