Happy Anniversary! ✨

Wow! Is it really it? One year already?!

We honestly ran out of words to thank you for the support we have got in this entire year because since the very beginning with the successful funding campaign on Kickstarter to our second campaign that finished weeks ago, you don’t cease to share good vibes through art, photos and any other way you send on social networks.

It is for that reason that we want to celebrate it with you, we are running a raffle on Twitter, all you’ve got to do is following us, comment fave, and retweet this post, and you’re all done! The prices? Juicy ones:

1 Bundle of Jockstraps: Contains The Deer, The Wolf & The Behemoth. (85€)
1 Bundle of our new Undies: Contains The Deer, The Wolf & The Behemoth.* (80€)
The Big Prize: 1 Bundle of Jockstraps PLUS 1 Bundle of Undies both containing The Deer The Wolf & The Behemoth.* (165€)

Ah! Shipping will be completely on us! The winner will be chosen randomly next Friday, the 30th of October!

Parallelly we are also celebrating our anniversary with an 11% discount using the code “DO-U-RP11“. This coupon will expire next Friday, the 30th of October. Make sure to use it before that day! 🥰


  • We will send the bundle of undies once we have them available, in February 2021.
  • To be selected for any of the prizes you have to follow us, comment, retweet (quotes don’t count), and fave the post.
  • The Winners will be chosen randomly using Tweetdraw, any chosen winner cannot opt to have the chance to win any other prize of the same raffle.
  • We will draw a random winner for the first prize, then the second prize, then the third, in that order.
  • Do you RP?