Meet our Team: White Leonard

Rogue Fang is a Furry Brand with… furry motifs! Surely you have seen the wonderful illustrations of Dennis, Travis, and Tristan, as they are none other than works by WhiteLeonard!

This freelance artist makes fantasy based illustrations in soft but vivid tones, rich in detail and of an academic nature. As you may have seen, White Leonard infuses life to each character he draws making them unique, interesting, and different.


In addition to being an illustrator, White Leonard is also a designer and it is thanks to his support that Rogue Fang has a careful design as a brand, from logo design, packaging to product design, all-terrain creative.

We hope that you have discovered your new favorite artist, in addition to thanking all the work done with passion and dedication by White Leonard. Thank you very much for your unconditional support, Leo! 😊

> See more about his work, visit his social profile on Twitter <