Product photo session

Photo Session

Greenlight has been given to our Pre-Production samples after an extensive process to bring our designs from paper to real life. We have been busy because, as you’ll see below these lines, there has been a lot happening BUT we are happy to say that our final product is already being manufactured as you read these lines! Woohoo!

If you follow any of our social media accounts (Twitter/Instagram/Telegram) you probably have seen sneak peeks of our photoshoots, happy to show you the fruit of these busy days!

Photo Session: The Deer
The Deer (S EU) Pre-Production Sample

The Deer has been our first and main jockstrap to convey the essence of Rogue Fang, we’re pleased that this style brought us this far. There are small but impactful changes in the design of The Deer as a result of constant work to make the best of each jockstrap.

Photo Session: The Deer 2
I’m you but better
Photo Session: The Wolf
The Wolf (XL EU) Pre-Production sample

One of the most awaited styles, The Wolf, has had a long way to be what you have seen on top of these lines. The design of The Wolf had to be just right but it wasn’t achieved at the first attempt. Thanks to the effort made by both Rogue Fang and our Supplier, we’ve got The Wolf to shine.

Photo Session: The Wolf 2
Sonic has had a comeback with a great redesign, The Wolf did the same!

As you can see, the first pre-production sample that we received had a different pattern, with thinner lines in front and a shape that was closer to a thong rather than to our solid-looking, heavy-duty fellow fluffy boy.

Photo Session: The Behemoth
The Behemoth (M EU) Pre-Production sample

Heads up, the Behemoth is around! The lime and black jockstrap that many of you loved got tailored following our instructions and we can’t be more pleased! Soft in touch, wild in everything else 😉

Now, you might be wondering why we have our fellow mannequin posing for you instead of a hooman model, those who put attention to every detail (and maybe those who love to play with graphics settings at max) might have seen that our Pre-Production samples are of a different size. In fact, The Deer is XS/S, The Wolf is XL/XXL and The Behemoth is M/L. We’re working hard to deliver your Rogue Fang jocks in December and for this reason, to speed up the process we ordered samples that cover all the ranges of size available in our line up. We will add model photos once we have our final product with us.

Photo Session: Labels
Labels! <3

Fear not we’ve got you covered as our website will count with 360 degrees product photos in case you came late to the show and you want to purchase our jocks.

Production/Shipping status

Spooktober is gone and December is almost here! We have been replying to many of you that have been asking what’s the status of the project. From Rogue Fang we have been doing everything that is under our control to put our jocks in the production line ASAP, Christmas is almost here and that means that providers have to attend many clients’ orders. Rest assured that we made our best to make it happen and everything should go smoothly in the production line.

The development of the package of Rogue Fang, aka the jockstraps, is expected to enter in production within weeks.

Production is really important but we haven’t left shipping aside as we got two well-known companies to carry our product right to your door. All the orders will include a tracking number for your convenience. Yey!

We plan to ship your orders by batches start from mid-December. We’ll make sure to make you know when we are ready to ship so please hurry up if you haven’t submitted your survey. We are here to help in case you have any doubts about it.